how do you tend your garden?

What's Inside?

This vegan-gluten free supplement comes in powdered capsules, with a supply to last 30 days, targeting your female hormones. Expect to see your monthly cycle change through adaptogens like Maca Root to help your body mediate physical and psychological stress, Vitex herb to keep your menstrual cycle regular, and phytonutrient DIM to alleviate PMS acne by leveling estrogen levels.

Designed for you.

 At Eden, we believe women are their most powerful when they take control of their wellness. An Eden woman is aware of her physical & mental health, while taking proactive steps to grow. She budgets for yoga classes, mani/pedis, and grocery shopping at health food stores–properly watering her body from root to tip. Well, now we can help you with that. 

It's important to me that the products I use are all-natural, but does that have to mean they lack the same effectiveness? I want the high potency impact, without the guilt or worry of what harmful ingredients may be effecting my body from the inside.
Age - 29
Legal Professional
I want to be able to take supplements that are catered to my individual needs. A custom formula that I know really targets the issues I'm dealing with--so that I will be able to directly notice the results.
Age - 33